What to expect

On enquiring about our services, you will be contacted by phone by one of our therapists who will spend a few minutes finding out a little bit more about the nature of your enquiry. 

If you are interested in progressing your request for Counselling, you will be offered an initial consultation appointment with one of our Counsellors . 

All appointments are offered locally for individual, and families.  However, due to Covid 19, all appointments will now be conducted via telephone or video service. 

Family Therapy Intervention

Our services accepts referrals directly from families and Early Help Teams.  

Once we have been introduced to a family by the relevant service, one of our counsellors will arrange a home visit to meet with you to talk about how our service works, and how best you can be supported. Due to Covid 19, this process is now offered via a video call. 








Phoenix Services Group

Providers of Counselling and Early Intervention